Reply to Media Queries on the CGM’s Founding Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s Criminal Conviction

In response to media queries about the CGM’s founding Pastor, Jung Myung Seok’s criminal conviction, CGM issued the following statement.

Pastor Jung was given a final sentence of 10 years imprisonment by the Korean Court in 2009 for sexual assault. Although there was no concrete evidence, the judge made this decision based on the verbal testimonies of 5 women, 1 of whom withdrew her charge after testifying that she and the other women had lied.

This decision was made in the face of the public that had already branded Pastor Jung as a criminal prior to the trial, because of numerous media accusations that were revealed later to be fabrications. Since 1999, media accusations and fabrications originated from Mr Kim, anti-CGM groups like EXODUS. More recently, in english speaking parts of the world, individuals like Peter Daley have also spread these accusations and fabrications.

In September 2010, the Korean Court ruled for the Seoul Broadcasting Company to pay 90 million won of compensation to CGM for its wrongful broadcast in 1999. This was the first broadcast that started the wave of media accusations. This decision was not widely known to the public.

In 2011, Mr Kim and anti-CGM groups made new allegations of Pastor Jung and demanded for monetary compensation again (while Pastor Jung was in prison). Once again, the Korean Court found no evidence because the “video evidence” provided were fabricated. However, unlike in 2009 when Pastor Jung was convicted, all the 2011 charges were dismissed.

The above have been reported in numerous external news media as well. For a detailed description of the sequence of events and external news releases, please visit our official news site on the controversies..


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